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Enterprise management
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Enterprise management

According to the Company Law, Securities Law, Listed Company Governance Guidelines, and the provisions and requirements stipulated in documents of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shandong Securities Regulatory Bureau and Shanghai Stock Exchange, and based on the actual situation of the company, Shandong Gold establishes the standardized systems and decision-making procedures to ensure the efficient & scientific operation of the “Three meetings and one level” (including the shareholders' meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and the management level) under their respective authority, and gradually form a corporate governance structure with well defined power & responsibility, clear division of labor, scientific decision making, and effective checks & balances.

Shandong Gold strengthens the construction of internal control system, improves the rules & regulations. Strictly implement relevant regulations to strengthen the construction of internal control system, carefully comb the current status of internal control of the company, improve the rules & regulations, standardize the operation procedures, and enhance the ability for standard operations. In addition, it integrates various supervisory resources, strengthens the efficiency supervision, gives full play to the joint efforts of the board of supervisors, internal & external audit authorities, discipline inspection agencies and legal affairs departments, deeply conducts the on-site investigation and special inspection, keeps track of the major production & operation activities of the company, carries out the process supervision on the compliance of production & operation, and promotes the standardization of efficiency supervision. 

According to the needs of its own development, Shandong Gold builds the risk management organization system timely, and complies with the ISO31000 risk management standard and process to achieve the seamless connection and comprehensive integration of risk management and internal control, improve the comprehensive risk management organization system and internal control system, and achieve the effective coverage of comprehensive risk management. At present, a complete three-level risk management organization system of “Company-Business Department-Level III enterprises” is established, which lays a solid organizational foundation for the continuous & further implementation of risk management. Moreover, the risk management information system is widely adopted by the company headquarters, business departments, and Level III enterprises, which basically cover the normal production & operation units within and outside the province. The managers, including and higher than the business supervisor of the department can use the comprehensive risk management information system to carry out various risk management activities, so it meets the risk management needs of units at all levels.