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Shandong Gold Establishes the First “Think Tank” in the National Gold Industry

On the morning of July 12, 2016, Shandong Gold held the “Think tank” unveiling ceremony and expert appointment ceremony to establish the first think tank in China gold mining. On the morning of October 24, Shandong Gold held the first think tank forum of “Seminar on Development Strategy of Gold Mining and Finance”. The seminar is based on the theme of “Fund, Resources, Capital, and Win-win”. The academicians and experts of mining field at home and abroad, and the senior management of major domestic and foreign banks, international gold companies, international renowned investment banks, securities institutions, rating agencies, law firms, certified tax agents and accounting firms, etc. conducted the keynote speeches and professional discussions on how to promote the deep integration of gold mining and finance industry through the efficient allocation of funds, capital and resources to create value for the interconnection of resources & capital in the world and realize the win-win situation faced with the opportunity of a new round of economic development and resource integration respectively. 

Since the implementation of the “13th Five Year Plan”, in order to positively respond to the call of the central government and provincial committee & government to strengthen the construction of a new “Think tank” with Chinese characteristics, Shandong Gold builds the organizational structure and operation platform for “Think tank”, and sets up three branches: 1. Macroeconomic research group. The group aims to conduct the research on major strategic, forward-looking and overall issues concerning the economic development and reform of the company based on the trends of world and Chinese economy, and around the planning for the “13th Five Year Plan”, annual major tasks and reform & development priorities, etc. of the company; 2. Capital market research group. The group aims to carry out the research on monetary policy, mining finance, integration of industry and finance, gold and non-ferrous metals prices, market value management, etc. based on the trends of global and Chinese capital market; 3. Mining technology research group. The group aims to conduct the research on the frontier technology in the mining industry, and promote the technical achievements related to the whole industrial chain, such as geological exploration, mining, dressing & smelting, filling, and mechanical & electrical equipment of mining enterprises based on the scientific & technological development trends of various fields in the mining industry. At present, more than 30 academicians, experts and scholars at home and abroad are appointed as the experts of “Think tank”, and the relevant research topics are well under way.

Think Tank Seminar of Shandong Gold is Held in Hong Kong

On April 11, 2017, the think tank seminar of Shandong Gold was held in Hong Kong. Ba Shusong, the chief China economist of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, attended the seminar and delivered a keynote speech. Liu Zhengui, the expert of think tank and former chairman of BOCI Securities & BOC Investment and 31 institutions, including about 65 senior managers of finance industry in Hong Kong and elites of international investment industry, and the accounting firms, law firms and service agencies that work closely with Shandong Gold were present. In addition, Li Guohong, the chairman of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., presided over the seminar.