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Talent Training
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Talent Training

Adhering to the people-oriented development, Shandong Gold conducts the career planning and design, builds the development platform, optimizes the working conditions, and improves the corresponding management mechanisms and incentive & restrictive mechanisms to continuously improve the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees, and help the employees to grow together with the company, create greater value and achieve life goals and dreams, therefore, the vitality and positive energy of the company can be created further.


Shandong Gold strictly observes the national laws & regulations, respects for human rights and pursues equality. Adhering to the principle of fairness, justice and transparency, and according to the quality requirements of the post, Shandong Gold recruits the employees, strictly implements the employment policies without any discrimination provisions & behaviors, actively builds the harmonious and stable labor relations, and safeguards the legal rights & interests of employees. In addition, it properly arranges the labor demands and salary distribution by perfecting the internal labor and salary distribution mechanisms, and manages the salary and benefits according to the principle of “Matching of people with posts”, and “Salary increases or reduces with the company benefits”.