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World-class model mine
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Building the World-class Model Mineto Create New Kinetic Energy for Mining Upgrade

Shandong Gold deeply implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, firmly grasps the major historic opportunity for the all-round rise of the new and old kinetic energy conversion to accelerate the transformation and upgrading with new and old kinetic energy conversion, promotes the high-quality development by building world-class model mine, and focuses on improving the development quality, speed and vitality to strive to build a world-class gold enterprise with global competitiveness.

From 2018 to 2020, adhering to the global perspective, open mind and international standard, and aiming at the “leader of international smart mining and ecological mining”, Shandong Gold takes the Sanshandao Gold Mine as a pilot unit to start to build the world-class model mine in all respects. In addition, Shandong Gold greatly improves the labor productivity, comprehensive resource utilization and ecological mining construction level by the digitization, networking, intelligentization and informatization of mine to become the business card of the mining industry in China and the benchmark of mining field in the world.

Strategic Deployment for Building the World-class Model Mine

Shandong Gold adopts the “12589” strategy to comprehensively promote the building of the world-class model mine.

Focus on the “One central goal”-“world-class model mine”.


Achieve the “International leading in two aspects”-“smart mining” and “ecological mining”.

Implement the “Construction in five themes”-“intelligent and wisdom, intrinsic safety, seabed deep well, green ecology and humanistic harmony”.

Reach the “First-class level in eight aspects”-“geological reserves, technical equipment, production efficiency and safety level, operation control mode, operation and cost control, green development and ecological civilization, humanistic and community harmony, talent team and capacity building”. 

Launch the “Nine kinds of support projects”-“intelligent resource exploration and awareness system, intelligent rock mechanics and 3D intelligent planning and design, deep-well intelligent mining technology and equipment system, Internet of Things and intelligent Internet platform, intelligent security awareness and monitoring platform, 3D virtual simulation and training system, intelligent plant selection, big data platform and intelligent operation and decision system, ecological demonstration zone and harmonious community construction”.