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Shandong Gold “Miners’ Day”

On September 29, 2017, Shandong Gold held a series of celebrations for the Miners' Day, including the theme culture events, sports events and art performances, etc. to welcome the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, celebrate the Miners' Day, and respect to & cheer on the miners.

The Shandong Gold Miners’ Day was originally founded by the backbones of base level, aiming to promote the spirit of miners and gather the power of Shandong Gold. Over the years, the Miners' Day becomes the festival of people in Shandong Gold, the unique connotation and innovation paradigm of Shandong Gold culture featured with excellence pursuit, innovative progress, and the common gene and spiritual heritage of generations of people in Shandong Gold who are determined, diligent and hard-working.

Themed with “Loving the Party • Country • Enterprise • Family”, the 2017 Miners' Day is conducted to inspire & guide the majority of Shandong Gold people to link their own dreams, China dream and Shandong Gold strategy closely, continuously publicize the cultural confidence of “I make Shandong Gold more exciting”, and constantly promote the full realization of the strategic goal of “Striving to be a world-class mining enterprise and bravely fighting for the world's top ten mining enterprises" for the "13th Five Year Plan".

“Fulfilling filial duty, and Thanks for Accompany by People in Shandong Gold” Cultural Event

Shandong Gold carries out the “Fulfilling filial duty, and Thanks for Accompany by People in Shandong Gold” cultural event to widely promote the traditional culture of “Filial piety is the foundation of morals, and love is the root of family”, and guides the employees to respect, love and help the old through the selection of great family, “Test of filial piety” and “Forest of love”, deed publicizing and micro-movies, etc. Therefore, the family is more peace, the enterprise is more harmonious and the society is more stable, and a strong atmosphere of "Conducting of filial piety, publicizing of love, tolerant of matters, and gratitude of people” is created.