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Cultural philosophy
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Corporate Culture

By upholding the corporate spirits of “Pursuing Excellence, Innovation and Progress” and the core values of “Fairness, Openness, Honesty, Responsibility, Broad-mind, and Harmony”.

  • Culture Orientation
    Create the Spirit World of Shandong Gold Lead the Rise of Spirit of Employees.
  • Culture Deposit
    Committed to Be a World Leader in Gold Industry. Brave Difficulties to Catch the Tide of the Gold Times.
  • Corporate Spirits
    Pursue Excellence, Innovation and Progress.
  • Ideal Goal
    Let more people and communities benefit from Shandong Gold Group.
  • Brand Image
    Shandong Gold, Ecological Mining.
  • Business Purposes
    Beneficial to employees, shareholders and the society and make the country rich and powerful.
  • Slogans
    SD-Gold, Gold Mountain of the World.I contribute to SD-Gold’s prosperity.
  • Concept of honesty
    Run business strictly and honestly, Maintain sound work style.
  • Core Values
    Core Values

    Company’s Entity: Fairness and Openness

    Company’s Humanity: Honesty and Responsibility

    Enterprise Ethics: Broad-mind and Harmony

  • Management Ideas
    Management Ideas

    Give Priority to Resources

    Focus on Efficiency

    Based on Innovation

  • Concept of safety work and environmental protection

    (1) General goal: no accidents in safety work and environmental protection.

    (2) Concept of safety:

    About the Group: Safe development, Guarantee of prosperous country and peaceful people

    About mine manager: Mine managers’ most important responsibility is to ensure safe production; Mine managers’ first position is at the frontline of production; Mine managers’ first task is to guarantee no accidents in safety work and environmental protection

    About employees: Safety underlies family happiness.

    (3) Concept of environmental protection: Keep the environment clean, Protect the earth, our home.

    Concept of safety work and environmental protection
  • Concept of care

    Three lets and three lets not

    (1) Three lets

    Let the income of the employees increase by the same rate as the group’s benefits;

    Let employees have broad growth space;

    Let employees work in a safe and reliable environment.

    (2) Three lets not

    Let not the family of employees live below local poverty line;

    Let not employees unable to pay for medical care;

    Let not employees unable to afford children’s education.

    Concept of care