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Shandong Gold Jiaojia Gold Mine Carries out Strict Management Level by Level to Promote the Continuous Improvement of the Filling Quality

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In the second quarter, Shandong Gold Jiaojia Gold Mine strictly controls the filling quality, refines the personnel, process and technical requirements, and promptly discovers the problems of filling management based on the relevant information reflected in the filling statements, and promptly proposes corrective measures so as to provide the strong guarantee for the smooth operation of production.


Firstly, pay attention to the construction quality of filling false bottom and raise the standard of materials. When the bottom is constructed, select the high-level sand bins, ensure the fineness of the tailings, and strictly control the ratio of the ash materials to fully meet the requirements of the false bottom process. In the process of laying steel bars for false bottom, guarantee the welding quality of the joints, strictly control the angle and charge volume of the top-hole blasthole in the downward stope to prevent the false floor from being damaged by the bombard.


Secondly, pay attention to the sealing quality of the filling plate walls and eliminate the risk of overflowing. Strengthen the supervision and random inspection of the sealing quality of the plate walls, hold the sealing personnel responsible for the problems such as mortar leakage, displacement of the plate wall, bottom pumping and collapse and other problems arising from sealing quality. Pay attention to the quality requirements for the sealing of the second plate wall and ensure that the site is clean and free from contamination during filling.


Thirdly, focus on filling process technology quality and strengthen the preparation management. Carry out the filling work in strict accordance with the process requirements in the filling notice, enlarge the strength of sampling inspection of cement concentration and usage volume of C materials. Besides the assessment personnel, the filling technical personnel and management personnel must bear the management responsibility in case that the low-concentration filling results in the serious segregation and the filling quality is affected.


Fourthly, focus on the roof-contacting quality of filling access and make clear the assessment measures. After completion of acceptance of the dead zone in the stope, the mining technical personnel must promptly mark the sealing and pipe locations as required, and indicate the length of the dead zone and pipe laying situation and sequences in the service book. Before the removal of the pipeline and the sealed plate walls, it is necessary to conduct the roof-contacting review. In case of weak roof-contacting, accident investigation and analysis will be carried out and the relevant responsible persons will be severely assessed based on the length of the non-connected length.