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SD-Gold Wins Two Prizes in 13th “Golden Round Table Award” for the Board of Directors of China’s Listed Companies

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Recently, the 13th (2017) “Golden Round Table” Forum for the Board of Directors of China’s Listed Companies and “Golden Round Table Award” Ceremony was held in Beijing. Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. won “Green Governance Award of the Board of Directors” and “Entrepreneurial Spirit Award”.


Since it was listed, SD-Gold has continuously standardized the company operation, gradually perfected the corporate governance structure, given full play to the function of the board of directors and insisted on the management idea of “giving priority to resources, focusing on efficiency, being based on innovation”. Especially in recent years, SD-Gold has followed the national “13th five-year plan”, conducted the in-depth learning of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC, “insisted on the original intention and remembered the mission”, given full play to the advantages of the best gold industrial chain, the most advanced core technologies, the highest standard and the largest-scale gold base and ecological mine groups in the industry, insisted on the sustainable development idea of “keeping the environment clean, protecting the earth, our home with love and care”, constantly shined the gold-lettered signboard of “Shandong Gold, Ecological Mining”, guided the green, healthy and scientific development of the enterprise and continuously created value for the society and shareholders.


The “Golden Round Table Award” is the high-end public benefit brand award built by the magazine “Directors & Boards” in the field of system construction of China’s board of directors. The “Golden Round Table Award”, held once every year, finally grants the award of board of directors of China’s listed companies and individual awards in current year, by combining the recommendations of the listed company association and the network voting of the institutional investors and general investors, etc., in the principle of fairness, equity, openness, public trust, non-commerce, based on continuously tracking and researching the standardized governance and construction of the board of directors of the listed companies, according to the detailed, true and objective standards.