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Shandong Gold Smelting Company Carries out Strict Management to Achieve the “New Normal” of Safe Production

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In the first quarter, Shandong Gold Smelting Company adheres to taking safe production standardization as the main line, and construction of double prevention systems as the starting point, to strengthen safety training, improve comprehensive management of equipment and facilities, strengthen the implementation of rules and regulations, spare no efforts to promote the company’s safe and stable development and achieve “new normal” of safe production.


Firstly, rely on the safe production standardization to strengthen the dynamic safety inspection, highlight key points, conduct special rectification, and pay attention to actual results. The Company requires all levels of management personnel to “command in the front line, lower the centrality and move the strategic pass to the front line”, actively go deep into the front line on site, carry out “dynamic” inspection of the safe production standardization situation, focus on inspecting non-compliant operations and various illegal operations, strengthening the safety management of hidden areas, special equipment, and hazardous chemical, etc., and ensure that there are “no omissions, no gaps, and full coverage”.


Secondly, grasp two systems to strengthen the comprehensive governance of safety risk classification management and control and hidden risk identification. The Company has established and improved a comprehensive governance system for safety risk classification management and control and hidden risk identification, improved mechanisms and systems, refined responsibilities, defined responsibilities, mastered standards, innovated methods, strengthened identification and evaluation work, identified major risk sources and major risk points, and adopted targeted management and control measures, implemented measures strictly,  regularly carried out inspection, analysis and rewards and punishments, and effectively guaranteed  the normal advancement of safe production order.


Thirdly, carry out safety training in a targeted manner to achieve that “knowing and doing well in the safety work”. The Company pays attention to the training of basic operations, basic skills and basic theories of the actual operation of employees, and making employees be familiar with basic principles of mechanical and electrical equipment and process production system, be familiar with mechanical and electrical operations and emergency accidents handling and be familiar with the safety work regulations and the procedures and systems of their posts in accordance with the requirements of “knowing and doing well in the safety work ” in training standards of production skill post.