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Shandong Gold Sanshan Island Gold Mine is Granted a National Patent for Invention

2018.03.23 896 Word size A - A A +

Recently, news came from State Intellectual Property Office that “electric closing device for high-voltage vacuum switch cabinet” researched and developed by employees of Shandong Gold Sanshan Island Gold Mine was granted a national patent for invention.


This invention belongs to the field of mine power equipment. On the one hand, this device uses the extension spring to drive the linkage mechanism to achieve the opening operations. Compared with the common electromagnetic drive mechanism, it has the advantages of high reliability and quick action. On the other hand, this device uses the reel to drive rod mechanism to achieve the opening and closing operations, which realizes long-distance automatic operation, and has such advantages as good safety, high degree of automation, and lower power and energy consumption, etc.


As the main mine of Shandong Gold Group, this mine attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation. It, by means of vigorously creating the atmosphere of all-personnel innovation and implementing the patent incentive measures, etc., constantly expands the innovative effect, motivates all mine workers, especially engineering and technical personnel to base themselves on the reality of the mine and take solving the actual problems and seeking for long-term development of mine as guidance to make more achievements quickly, thereby accumulating the momentum for realization of the strategic goal of “building the world-class model mine” and “striving to be a world-class mining enterprise, and bravely fighting for the world’s top ten mining enterprise”.