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Shandong Gold Linglong Gold Mine Takes Four Measures to Strengthen Protection of Mineral Resources

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Recently, Shandong Gold Linglong Gold Mine vigorously promoted the “four strengthening” measures by strengthening employees’ ideological education to strengthen the protection of mineral resources.


Strengthening of employees’ ideological education: carry out the employees’ ideological education on the pre-shift meeting, enhance the sense of ownership of employees, make the employees take the protection of mineral resources as their own responsibilities and obligations, and severely crack down on acts of theft.


Strengthening of thorough inspection of private mining sites: shift leaders, section chiefs, squad leaders, and technicians thoroughly investigate the places where their relevant middle sections are in contact with the private mining sites in an active manner so as to block the waste bores that may be contacted.


Strengthening of recycling management of high-grade ores: implement strict regulations for shifting of duty on site, make clear recycling quantities and storage situations, do a good job in storage registration of all middle-section ores so as to guarantee that there is not any error and all particles are stored.


Strengthening of management of private mining: regularly inspect blocked large-scale private mining wells and roadways, to prevent recovery and reuse; according to the on-site drilling noise and blasting position of private mining, carry out the construction interception projects in the fixed points to make all private mining activities outside, and resolutely guarantee that there is not any loss of mineral resources.