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Li Guohong Makes an Official Visit to Leaders of China Association for Public Companies

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On the afternoon of January 19, Li Guohong, general manager of Shandong Gold Group, president of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547), and chairman of The Listed Company Association of Shandong, made an official visit to Song Liping, executive vice chairman and Liu Rong, vice chairman of China Association for Public Companies.


Li Guohong briefly introduced the strategic goal of “striving to be an internationally first-class mining enterprise and bravely fighting for the world’s top ten mining enterprises” during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, focused on introducing the Group’s achievements in international merger and acquisition and capital operation. On the behalf of The Listed Company Association of Shandong, Mr. Li Guohong reported the work implementation situation in 2017, current problems and work thoughts in 2018 in details. Mr. Li Guohong expressed that, The Listed Company Association of Shandong will, in the new year, under the guidance of China Association for Public Companies, further emancipate the mind, broaden the scope of mind, continue to study and implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party, and timely and accurately understand the new national policy, grasp the international and domestic macroeconomic situation, invite domestic well-known experts to hold high-profile forums for listed companies in good time, unite and rely on the members to, in accordance with the purpose of “service, self-discipline, standardization and improvement”, continuously improve the quality of listed companies, continuously strengthen the self-discipline management of members and carefully serve the standardized development of listed companies. In the meantime, the association will further strengthens the construction of the association itself, strive to build the association into the home of the members of the listed companies, and build a modern industry association that is supported by the majority of its members, popular in the market and trusted by the government and the regulatory authorities.


Song Liping welcomed the visit of Li Guohong and congratulated SD-Gold on its gratifying achievements. She briefly introduced the development ideas of the China Association for Public Companies in 2018, and expressed that, in the future, China Association for Public Companies will pay more attention to the collaborative relationship with local association and hoped that local associations will help local listed companies become familiar with and thoroughly understand the new regulatory policies and regulatory rules of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, enhance the compliance awareness, effectively build a communication and exchange platform between listed companies and regulatory authorities, and more timely reflected the demands of listed companies. At the same time, she also hoped that SD-Gold will continue to do a good job in corporate governance, further enhance the quality of its own development, and increase support for China Association for Public Companies.


The person in charge of the office of directors of Shandong Gold Group, relevant departments of China Association for Public Companies and relevant personnel of The List Company Association of Shandong also attended the meeting.