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2016 Annual Results Presentation of SD-Gold Ended Successfully in Hong Kong

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On the afternoon of April 11, 2016, Annual Results Presentation of SD-Gold ended successfully in Hong Kong. Chen Yumin, president and secretary of the Party committee of SD-Gold, Li Guohong, general manager of the Group and president of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547), and Wang Peiyue, general manager of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd attended the presentation meeting.


As one of the highly prosperous international financial centers in the world, Hong Kong has a long history of capital markets, a sound mechanism, and obvious advantages in terms of openness, standardization and maturity. SD-Gold chose Hong Kong as the host place of the results presentation meeting, the main purposes of which are to actively connect to Hong Kong’s capital market, have a close communication with the overseas investors and analysts , and demonstrate SD-Gold’s determination and confidence in taking Hong Kong as a bridge and link and planning a global layout in the future. More than 60 representatives from large-scale banks, foundations and securities trades such as Morgan Stanley, ICBC Asia, Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLC, French Foreign Trade Bank, China Everbright Bank (Hong Kong Branch), CICC, CCB International, CITIC Securities, China Securities,, ABC International, Yuexiu Asset Management Co., Ltd. etc. gathered on the site of the presentation meeting in Zhonghuan, Hong Kong.


Chen Yumin and Wang Peiyue respectively introduced the basic information of SD-Gold and Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., and 2016 annual results and future development plan, etc. In the interactive questioning link, members of the road show team made detailed answers to questions raised by investors and analysts. In response to the investors’ questions, Chen Yumin expressed that SD-Gold took a series of measures to deepen state-owned enterprise reforms in 2016, and it took the lead in the reform of the state-owned enterprises in Shandong, and in the next step, SD-Gold will accelerate the pace of deepening reforms and transformation and upgrading to achieve the strategic goal of “striving to be a world-class mining enterprise, and bravely fighting for the world’s top ten mining enterprise”. Chen Yumin also introduced Shandong Gold’s acquisition of the Valedero gold mine project in Argentina, which is generally concerned by investors. Chen Yumin stated that this is a prudent choice of SD-Gold after investigating numerous overseas projects and will help SD-Gold to achieve the internationalization.


In response to the investors’ questions on the gold price expectation and gold sales policies, etc., Li Guohong stated that the gold price is influenced by many factors such as US dollar and geopolitics, etc. In order to do a good job in gold sales, SD-Gold has established the special trading department, which is responsible for gold sales, and established and perfected the professional research team, which forecasts the gold price by investment and research integration and then makes the trading strategies according to the gold price.


As the domestic large-scale listed gold company in China, by means of the annual results presentation in “Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong”, the ecological mining idea, internationalized layout and core competitiveness of SD-Gold are general accepted by the capital markets. Investors are unanimously optimistic about the development strategy of SD-Gold and firm their confidence in the future development of SD-Gold.


Wang Xiaoling, deputy chief accountant of SD-Gold, etc. attended the results presentation meeting.