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Li Guohong Accompanied the Guests from Bank of Montreal to Visit and Investigate the Enterprises Affiliated to Shandong Gold Group

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On January 17, Li Guohong, general manager of SD-Gold and president of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (600547) accompanied Egizio•Bianchini, vice-chairman of Bank of Montreal and co-head of global mining, Su Zhaohui, chief representative of Beijing Office and Zou Tao, vice-president visited and investigated Sanshan Island Gold Mine and Gold Coast Company of SD-Gold.


In Sanshan Island Gold Mine, Li Guohong accompanied Egizio, etc. to systematically learn the safety matters needing attention when paying a visit under the mine, after which they visited the mechanical stope in 8# panel at the altitude of -615 meters on site. Egizio understood the production pattern and ore grade in this area in details, gave a good appraisal to the standardization construction under the mine and was deeply impressed by the efficient mining means, roadway construction methods, ventilation system and safety management, etc. He thought that Sanshan Island Gold Mine has reached the word-class mine level and was the best mine among the more than 100 underground mines he has visited in the world.


Subsequently, Li Guohong accompanied Egizio, etc. to investigate Gold Coast Company. In the Shandong Gold Tailings Ecological Project Governance Experimental Area, Egizio, etc. listened to the Company’s report on the ecological governance of tailings, the construction of provincial-level environmental education bases and the construction of AAA scenic spots, and learned about the investment and governance in the experimental area in details. They highly praised SD-Gold for taking the initiative to shoulder social responsibilities, bringing benefits to the people and investing heavily in building the ecological mining, etc. In Guirending, Egizio, etc. appreciated the splendid environment in the ecological governance experimental area and expressed their deep feelings that compared with nearly 200 gold production enterprises he has visited in the world, this enterprise has the best tailing treatment and the most beautiful environment, thus it is well worth visiting here for all mine mangers in the world.


Li Guohong pointed out that Shandong Gold Tailings Ecological Project Governance Experimental Area is a flag of SD-Gold, a model of modern mine ecological governance, as well as a golden card for exchange with the whole world.  He also showed to Egizio, etc. that SD-Gold’s strategic planning during “13th Five-Year Plan Period” with the goal of “striving to be a world-class mining enterprise, and bravely fighting for the world’s top ten mining enterprises”. In addition, he hoped to seek for more partners by means of the Bank of Montreal, the international platform, to achieve the win-win development.


After having a comprehensive understanding of SD-Gold’s processes including mining, dressing and smelting, scientific and technological progress, safety management, tailings control, and ecological mine construction, etc., Egizio was very excited and fully affirmed the mine management level of SD-Gold. He said that he will increase the strength to publicize SD-Gold by his own advantages.


Li Tao, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of Qilu Business Division of SD-Gold also kept company with Egizio, etc.