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Li Guohong Met with Yessimov, president of National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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On the morning of April 11th, Li Guohong, the general manager of Shandong Gold Group and president of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., met with Yessimov, president of Samruk Kazyna of National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Shanghai.

LI Guohong conducted a friendly talk with Yessimov, Nuyshev (Kazakhstan ambassador to China) and Timur (chief representative in China) about the fund operation, and had a frank and detailed discussion about the resource and finance cooperation as well as future potential cooperation with them.

SK Fund was set up in 2008 under the Executive Order of President of Republic of Kazakhstan, and the Republic of Kazakhstan was the only shareholder of the Fund. By 2016, the Fund has reached about 70 billion dollars, becoming one of the top 30 major funds globally. The rate of capital return in the Fund remained the same level with world sovereign wealth fund, and planned to invest about 2.5 billion dollars for priority industries in Kazakhstan in recent five years.