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Li Guohong Visited Li Xiaojia, CEO of Hong Kong Stock Exchange

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On the morning of April 25th in Hong Kong, Li Guohong, the General Manager of Shandong Gold Group and President of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., visited the Li Xiaohong, CEO of Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited.

Li Guohong talked about the development strategies of 13th Five-Year Plan, international merger and acquisition, scientific and technological innovation, and safety and environmental protection. He pointed out that the successful cooperation between Shandong Gold Group and Barrick Gold Corporation in 2017 had a great influence on the international gold industry and capital market. In the future, Shandong Gold Group would speed up its international development.

Li Xiaojia showed warm welcome for their visit, thought highly of the impressive achievements of Shandong Gold Group in recent years, and said that they would give full support to the development of Shandong Gold Group.

Leaders of board of directors in Shandong Gold Group took apart in the visit.