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SD-Gold’s Winning the "Best Board of Directors Award" Again

2020.05.14 1097 Word size A - A A +

  On May 13, the "11th Tianma Award for Investor Relations of China's Listed Companies" sponsored by Securities Times and guided by China Securities Investor Services Center announced the winner list, and Shandong Gold Group (SD-Gold) won the "Best Board of Directors Award" again.

  This "Tianma Award" is the first session held after the implementation of the new Securities Law. It accurately reflects the status of investor relations (IR) management of China's listed companies through relevant data. According to the requirements of the new Securities Law and the IR systems of listed companies, it evaluates the IR of listed companies from a professional perspective with integrity and compliance as the core and the IR data as the base. 

  Since its IPO, SD-Gold has continuously improved its compliance operations and stepped up its investor relations management for the sake of investors. Especially after entering the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, it has optimized corporate governance with international standards and forward-looking concepts, continued planning for future development with global vision and steadfast determination, and created new momentum for scientific and technological research and development. As a result, the mines all take on a new look, the comprehensive strength reaches a new level, and the company embarks on a new journey of development. The company's market value has exceeded 100 billion yuan, which is more than 60 times that at the beginning of the listing. The information disclosure has got rating A for many years in a row. The "A + H" dual-platform has continued to exert its strength. "Shandong Gold, Ecological Mining" has been deeply rooted in hearts of customers. The "go global" strategy has picked up pace. The company's status in the industry has been consolidated. All in all, SD-Gold has built a good image of standardized operation and improved governance in the capital market.

  This award reflects the capital market's high recognition of scientific decision-making and IR management of SD-Gold Board of Directors. With the new Securities Law put into effect, SD-Gold will keep true to its original intention, and always take creation of shareholder value and social value as its purpose. Furthermore, it will improve its standard operation and IR management level, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of listed companies.