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SD-Gold’s successfully holding An Online Briefing on the Annual Performance 2019

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  On the afternoon of April 21, Shandong Gold Group (SD-Gold) successfully held the "SD-Gold Online Briefing on the Annual Performance 2019" through the platform of the SSE Roadshow. Li Guohong, General Manager of SD-Gold and Chairman of Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd. (SH600547, 1787.HK), attended the meeting and exchanged views with investors and analysts.

  At the meeting, Li Guohong first expressed his gratitude to Shanghai Stock Exchange and SSE Roadshow for providing such an excellent exchange platform. He pointed out that in 2019, amid the intricate development environment and economic downturn, SD-Gold continued to follow the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, unswervingly implemented the high-quality development requirements, successfully completed all targets and tasks, and maintained steady growth in operating performance. He said that in the future, SD-Gold will continue to "strengthen management, promote development, and prevent risks", actively push forward with higher quality development, and seek more returns and yields for shareholders who support the development of SD-Gold.

  In the Q&As, investors raised a number of questions about the company's strategic planning, operating performance, production and operation, corporate culture, and talent introduction, and SD-Gold's management gave answers carefully, comprehensively and accurately from production continuity, operation control, and profit distribution, further deepening investors' understanding of the company's current status and future prospects.

  Affected by the current epidemic, in order to convey the good operating performance of SD-Gold to the capital market after the disclosure of the SD-Gold's Annual Report, SD-Gold decided to hold the 2019 annual performance briefing online after full communication with major brokers and investors. To achieve effective results, SD-Gold issued a notice of the online performance briefing in advance, and collected a variety of issues of concern by investors. At this online performance briefing, SD-Gold actively delivered its positive energy and investment value to investors, so that investors would have a better understanding of SD-Gold's current production and operation conditions and future development goals. Next, SD-Gold will, according to the requirements of investors and the needs for increased liaison with key investors, organize "one-to-one" telephone conferences on performance communication with investors, actively expand the breadth and depth of communication between SD-Gold and its investors, and continue to work hard for high-quality development of the company.